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Instaserve FUP Autoreminder

Now you don't have to worry about servicing your existing clients, Instaserve will manage them for you, from sending birthday wishes to reminding them to renew their policies. Instaserve has got your back, so that you can focus on your new bussiness.

Lic Customers

Add new or manage your existing Life Insurance customers.

General Insurance

Add new or manage your existing General Insurance customers.


Add new or manage your existing Medicalim customers.


Create customised groups for your customer so that you can interact with them with a single click.


Use exitsing messages like policy renewal messages or Fup due date messages or create your own messages.


Send sms to individual customers or a group message.


Add festival messages here, and Instaserve will wish your customers on your behalf.


Check or uncheck a certain type of messages you dont want to send.

Due Reminder

See a list of all upcoming reminders that Instaserve is going to send to your customer on your behalf.

Sent Reports

See all the messages that has been sent by Instaserve.

Fup Update

Now you don't have to visit your Lic portal to check the status of your clients. Instaserve will do it for you.

Follow Up

Send birthday and anniversary message to your prospect clients for building a good relationship.

Import Export

Backup and restore your data. Import your data from excel file.


Settings to configure your assistant, like when to send sms, storing your lic portal username/password and more.

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